What is Cssowl?

Cssowl is a mixin and extendable placeholder library with support for LESS, SASS/SCSS and Stylus.
We created the mixins for working with Owl-Stars extensions like Spriteowl, but feel free to use it on its own.

Check out the Cssowl documentation for the best usage and examples.

Download Cssowl

Depending on your demands and skills there are three download options available:

Download the latest release

Get the latest release files by downloading directly from GitHub.

Download the latest release

Clone or fork via GitHub

Make your own version of Cssowl and clone or fork the project by visiting us on GitHub.

Clone or fork via GitHub

Install with Bower

Install and manage the original Cssowl files with a local copy of the docs, using Bower.

$ bower install cssowl

Getting started

After downloading just import Cssowl into your LESS, SASS/SCSS or Stylus file and off you go.

Within the download you'll find the following directories and files. Each syntax is grouped in its own directory.

Depending on your preferred syntax import the correct version into your stylesheet file.

@import "path/to/cssowl/lib/sass/cssowl"
@import "path/to/cssowl/lib/scss/cssowl";
@import "path/to/cssowl/lib/less/cssowl";
@import "path/to/cssowl/lib/stylus/cssowl"
  └── lib/
      ├── less/
      │   ├── cssowl/
      │   │   └── ....less
      │   └── cssowl.less
      ├── sass/
      │   ├── cssowl/
      │   │   └── ....sass
      │   └── cssowl.sass
      ├── scss/
      │   ├── cssowl/
      │   │   └── ....scss
      │   └── cssowl.scss
      └── stylus/
          ├── cssowl/
          │   └── ....styl
          └── cssowl.styl


Found a bug or want to suggest features?

Please open a new issue on GitHub.
If you need to test something, feel free to use JSFIDDLE.